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Squat it like its Hot

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: Intermediate++

power sculpt reformer… *Equipment Needed :  Reformer and Long/Short Box.

Focus :  In this short Pilates Fit fusion class, squats are hardly the majority of what you will be doing, don’t worry! But, you WILL be POWER SCULPTing your BACK BODY. This means, shaping up your booty, upper back, shoulders, arms, and all your postural muscles (and yes! That includes your core).

Class Level :  Intermediate – Advanced.

The Course of this Class :  Do you really want to know what’s up? Spoiler alert! Get ready for: Scooters; Flying Lunges; Single Leg Bridging; over the edge Squats; Side Snap Teasers; floating Side Planks; Mountain Climbers; Knee Tucks. There are cardio elements as well as some HIIT inspo you’ll find here, we move quick and strong. Join me, this one is fun!

Goals :  Hit that booty right away, back body – posterior chain, and just get right into and move through a well paced fit Reformer class. Our goal is to raise our heart rate before the end of class, and move fluidly and strongly through our session. Hopefully you might even get the shakes in those legs from our squats, the idea is a power sculpt reformer quick sequence! ;)

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