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Powerful Arms & Abs in Movement, Reformer/Tower workout

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: Advanced, Intermediate

Focus :

This powerful arms & abs workout slowly builds upon itself, one exercise to the next, and while we float slowly between pull of tower and pull of carriage, this workout will challenge and empower your upper body strength and alignment. At the same time, you’ll also put to the test your standing balance for a fair amount of time in class, thus using total body integration for both stabilization and mobilization in this workout.

A fabulous stand alone workout or for a day you want to target just upper body and core.

You’ll finish class today with buff arms and shoulders as well as feeling confident and proud of what you are able to do. 💪

Equipment Needed :

Reformer/Tower and 2 long light weight springs with loops attached to the tower. Push through bar will also be used.

Class Level :

Intermediate to Advanced level class.

The Course of this Class :

As stated above this class moves at a moderate pace. We will be using both the pull from the carriage and the pull from the tower to tone and sculpt the upper body. This is a fabulous way to work both the concentric phase of movement and the eccentric phase. A great class for working any old injuries and imbalances in your musculature. We start with foot and leg work for a warm up. From there, we’ll move on to core and the upper body. After our first part of class we will increase the intensity as well as the challenge by standing up onto the moving carriage. Be ready to move in all planes of movement. Keep your focus tuned to your core stabilization, this includes the pelvis and hips, while mobilizing your upper half.

Goals :

Increase upper body strength and improve alignment and function to affect daily activities as much as other active pursuits. Practice total body integration in exercises, working the ability to stabilize one part in order to mobilize another. Practice standing balance. Build, sculpt and tone lean muscle. Improve function and form. Use opposing pulls to maximize strength in both concentric and eccentric phases of movement.

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