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Powerhouse Pilates Roll Ups, Rock your Abs, Beach Day Finalé, Day 24

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: All Levels, Intermediate

Focus :   

Our powerhouse Pilates core foam roller workout today will focus on wrapping up our last 8 weeks and testing out our new found and deepened core strength and control. Are you able to roll down and back up one vertebrae at a time? Still working on it? No worries! This is what we are here for: to continually deepen the strength of our abs all the way to and around our spine. The foam roller is a great way to get feedback as to what is happening underneath you along the spine, so put yourself to the test today. Focus on the precision and quality of your form and movement. Use your breath as your powerhouse to engage your abs. Continue to draw in and up to flatten that stomach and develop a truly strong core from which you move from your center out.

You made it to day 24, you should be so proud of yourself! Give it all you got, our day today is a bit longer, but why not, this is our finalé!

Equipment Needed :     

Your mat and a foam roller.

➡️ Remember our rule! IF you do not have a foam roller, choose a prior workout in our program to repeat today so you remain consistent.👍🏼

Class Level :     

Intermediate and ALL levels. Use your hands today to help you along your way if needed, but no matter your fitness or skill level today is FOR EVERYONE.

The Course of this Class :   

As stated in our title we start with roll downs and roll ups on top the foam roller. This enables us to target our precision of movement and make sure we are able to fire evenly throughout our powerhouse Pilates abdominals. You’ll get a yummy stretch and massage after this little series. Onwards to side planks and hip tucks. This follows with more planks before taking it back down to supine over the roller again to finish up. Plan for a longer session today to test out your stamina and how this program has helped you improve in your core strength. Our class pace is steady and focuses on the quality of movement and muscle engagement.

Drop me a comment below to let me know how you liked class 👇🏼

Goals :     

Target core strength, the maintenance and development of more. Use the powerhouse to generate power and ease of movement. Maintain a healthy spine. Improve breath patterns. Work your planks. Improve form and function. Accomplish an 8 week workout commitment.

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