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Precision of Movement = Great Reward, Day 10, Classical Reformer

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: Advanced, Intermediate

Focus :   

Today we shift our focus to another Pilates principle: precision. Precision of movement is key to reshaping and toning our muscles, and ultimately getting results from all our hard efforts! If we mindlessly go through our workouts we will reap LITTLE benefit. When we connect to the muscles we want to fire and reshape, the results are infinitely more satisfying and evident. So today, don’t be sloppy or on auto-pilot. That can begin to be easy to do being that we are continually dropping into the same routine each time! Instead tune in deeper and be precise about each movement and particularly the engagement of your muscles within each exercise. The more you connect the more you are going to get out of it and see change! That’s exciting, now let’s get to it!

The 6 principles of Pilates are:




Flow (fluidity)

Centering (move from core out as well as mind-body awareness)


Equipment Needed :     

Reformer and the long box.

Class Level :     

Intermediate – Advanced presented (all depends on the exercise). Modifications/suggestions given when appropriate.

The Course of this Class :   



Roll Over – our warm up for today and now we jump into where we left off from day 5.

Chest Expansion

Thigh Stretch




Tick tock


Balance Control on/off

Long Spine

High Frogs

Leg circles

Knee Stretch series: round, flat, off


Pelvic lift

High bridge

Leg pull front

Leg pull back

Side splits

Front splits

Russian splits

Tune your practice, connect your mind to your movement, sow the effort and you will reap the rewards! I usually cue us in general where we need to engage from, so connect to those cues today to find the precision in your movement. Careful not to flow through mindlessly. Engage mind and body!

Goals :     

Fine tune our precision of movement, make sure we are engaging from the right muscle groups and able to fire these with our mind-body connection. Develop mindful movement. Sow the seeds and reap the benefits of smart and intelligent movement. See how this makes the body work harder and the benefits increase. Learn to not drop into auto-pilot. Continue to fine tune our practice. Full body strength.

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