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The Energizer Glider

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: Intermediate

Quick lower body workout… *Equipment Needed :     Reformer and Hand weights.

Focus : LEG DAY! Energizing leg wake up for heavy or tired legs, or just a great toning and firming leg workout! Easy to do at any time of the day or along with another workout.

Class Level : Intermediate on up.

The Course of this Class : Grab your hand weights and hop right up onto the Reformer, we are standing to start and we won’t bring it down all class. Stand, split and skate laterally, next move it into flying lunges and standing glute presses, and finally take it into forward splits for some awesome strength and stretch all at once. This class moves at a moderate pace, but in a short amount of time you’ll get a great quick lower body workout while not neglecting your upper body.

Goals : Power sculpt glutes, thighs, AD and ABductors in this quick, standing only Reformer workout. And, sculpt those arms as well using the free weights. Energize the body from feet up by working your standing, moving balance. Isolate your core to help stabilize you in each exercise.

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