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AAB Quick Mat Workout (ADductors-ABductors-Booty) Move Today Series -Take 2

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: Beginner

*Equipment Needed :  Mat, Balance Cushion and hand weights (optional. I am using 3lbs. (or 1.5kg) weights, I suggest 10lbs. for an advanced level) .

Focus :  This quick workout today is the second in a series of 3 short, simple, yet effective workouts. We are targeting the outer and inner thighs, the AD and ABductors as well as a bit of the booty. In just 11 minutes, fit this easily into any busy day or add it alongside any other workout! Weights are optional but make a big difference in defining and targeting those muscles as well as increasing the level of difficulty!

Class Level :  Beginner on up. For everyone really! Please add reps &/or heavier weights to increase the level of difficulty.

The Course of this Class :  Start straight away with no time to loose in this 11 minute quick workout using the balance cushion or disk as I refer to it in the video. We lie on the disk which helps cushion our bottom hip while challenging our balance. We’ll quickly warm up the side body, outer and inner thighs, as well as the obliques. Our hand weights will help increase the level of difficulty to this simple yet effective workout. I am using 3lbs (or 1.5kg) weights which aren’t very heavy, you might want to try 10lbs weights depending on your level and to get quicker heat into the body. Know that you can always adjust the level of difficulty this way. We’ll finish with some kneeling glute work.

Goals :  Our goal today is to simply get moving on a day when we might be very short on time. Some movement is better than none at all! Target our side body, outer and inner thighs, obliques and glutes while challenging balance. The level today is on the easier side. You can always add more reps or heavier weights to adjust the level to your own and get YOUR workout! Remember this is Part 2 of a series of 3, if you have more time combine this with Part 1 and Part 3 all together.

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