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________________ Rebounding on the Trampoline… Why I Bounce ! ________________


Discovering the trampoline in a new way


Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always loved jumping and tumbling. I was a gymnast for 7 years. Recently, I rediscovered the trampoline at Cloè’s studio in Dubai (Pilates Academy Dubai) and this brought me back to the joy of jumping. Besides finding the trampoline simply fun to bounce on I desperately wanted cardio back as a part of my routine AND I had heard that the trampoline offered a unique benefit of cellular and lymphatic cleansing. I struggle with lymphedema. which means that whenever I have to sit for hours behind the computer, I swell…a lot. For instance, sometimes I’ve had to put my legs in ice for hours. I’ve tried running, jumping, working out, stretching, rolling, the works. I’ve also tried dry brushing, epsom salt baths, and a myriad of other things. Nothing has worked. I recently found 2 wonders: 1 glass of electrolytes daily in my water (check out our chat regarding this) AND rebounding on the trampoline. There is a squeeze and release effect on the lymph nodes that is so efficient, it allowed my congested lymphatic system to finally release and circulate properly.


What is the lymphatic system and what does it do for the body?


The lymphatic system is a vital part of the body that helps to cleanse and detoxify cellular waste, rid the body of excess fluid, reduce inflammation, rid bacteria, prevent disease, promote good digestion and boost the immune system. If we’ve ever needed this; now would probably be the time! 😁🥦💪🏼 But, we have a small problem… the lymphatic system isn’t able to do this on it’s own. It relies on external pressure to function at its optimum because it doesn’t have its own internal pump. Think of our circulatory system; its pump is the heart. This is why some of the most effective ways of mobilizing the lymph system are through manual manipulation. Everything from lymphatic massages to jade rollers, dry brushing to Gua sha and water pressure therapies, all of which can be found in spas and with their specialists. However, there is another way that is less expensive to your wallet. What is it? You asked. Yes, exercise. But, there are certain exercise forms which are intensely effective to move lymph fluid. We are talking about rebounding on the trampoline.         


The squeeze and release effect      


Rebounding is simply jumping on a trampoline mat. The difference between this and jumping on the floor is that the gravitational force on your body is increased up to 4x. At the bottom of each bounce we are creating an external pump (or, a pretty serious squeeze) on our lymph nodes, and inversely at the top of each jump, when airborne, the pressure releases and the lymphatic system circulates. Thus, combating any type of stagnation in the body. It is this squeeze and release effect created by the trampoline that is not only unique to the trampoline but also most exactly what the lymphatic system relies upon in order to function properly and cleanse efficiently.  (Want to know more in depth? Check out this great article by Wellness Mama)    


Why rebounding over other impact exercises?  


When running; the body takes the majority of impact in the lower extremities and increasingly less impact in the back and upper body. This simply means that, we have the positive benefits of building bone density in the lower extremities, it is a cardiovascular exercise; however, since the lower body takes the load of impact – it is more quickly fatigued and eventually, this leads to a breakdown in those tissues. When jumping on the trampoline (aka rebounder) the force registered on the body is evenly distributed throughout. This means that the same force registered on the lower body is also felt in the back and upper body. There is, therefore, a reduction of isolated impact and the entire body benefits without any overuse of certain tissues. Because the trampoline will absorb 95% of the shock, any damaging impact to the joints is eliminated while the impact that remains is nothing but beneficial for building up the musculoskeletal system and for whole-body cellular cleansing. Hence, why rebounding can also be called cellular exercise.       


Why you should get in on this too!


Join us next week to find out why you should get a trampoline and what the postural and physiological benefits of rebounding are!


Let me know in the comments if you consider getting a trampoline or if you ever tried it before! 



Rebounding on the Trampoline... Why I Bounce ! by Gone Adventuring