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Cardiolates Rebounding Workout with Cloè

Instructor: Cloè Sommadossi
Level: All Levels

*Equipment Needed :     Trampoline and a small massage ball for the feet. (**Note: only the last part of massaging the feet got in the video, so grab a ball (can be squishy or can be a tennis ball) and roll your feet out a bit before starting, it’s a nice way to wake up the whole kinetic chain! If you want to order one for the next time, click the link above for a cool kit to have on hand)

Focus :    Cardiolates Rebounding Workout is Cardio + Pilates on the trampoline. Get your heart rate up, burn-fat, increase stamina, improve your posture and re-align your spine in the air. Increase your bone density and strengthen your body at a cellular level, while improving circulation and lymph drainage.

Class Level :     Beginner++ on up. The most important thing is to understand your neutral spine standing so make sure to check the How To if you aren’t sure, and join us!

The Course of this Class :     We start standing massaging the feet out. This beginning got a bit cut, so grab a small massage ball or even a tennis ball and gently roll your feet over the ball to warm and wake up the feet and prepare them for jumping. We then move into some Mat Pilates on the trampoline, mobilize all our joints and warm up our core to ensure the best postural carriage while jumping. Now we’ll start about 30 minutes of our rebounding workout, and finish with stretching.

Goals :     Increase our cardiovascular strength and stamina while also realigning our posture in the air, and improving blood, lymph and oxygen flow in the body.

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