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1-a-day Reformer

You’ve asked for it. “If I want to workout on the Reformer every day, what do you suggest?” Well, here it is 😉. I decided to do it WITH YOU in real time 👯‍♀️. Join me and we’ll workout every day for 1 hour or more on the Reformer.

Welcome to a new Monday through Friday series, or weekly schedule, whatever you prefer to call it! You may even get a bonus day on top of the 5 days a week. Some of you have asked for longer workouts, so these workouts are all an hour or more.

This is geared for ALL LEVELS as my primary goal is that no matter our level, we move & improve together. We all have differing levels, suggestions for modifications are sometimes given. Do what you know is best for you: modify, adjust, adapt, pause; or if you need more challenge modify in that direction also. I may be leading the class, but this is your time, your workout, your body!

A variety of props will be used, so keep an eye out for each video’s unique description!

Remember that each class can entirely be taken as a stand alone class.

We will be alternating body focus throughout our reformer every day week to not only fully cover everything, but also to not over use or exhaust any one area.

I would love to know how you enjoy this series, please drop a comment below or under each video after class.

Enjoy and thanks for moving with me! – Kristi

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