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Building Up Strength

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: Beginner, Intermediate

reformer jumpboard… *Equipment Needed :     Stability ball. Jump board. Reformer and Long/Short box.

Focus :     A great beginner reformer jumpboard session. We will use the jump board for a short bit to increase endurance and leg strength. Also, we will target our whole hip complex: (glutes, pelvic floor, and core) to build more strength and connectivity. This directly affects a healthier gate, stronger core, and better leg alignment for all our daily activities. Finally we’ll hit our abs, upper back and arms to increase overall full body fitness and strength.

Class Level :     Beginner – Intermediate.

The Course of this Class :     We will start with footwork and the jump board, progressing at a very moderate pace. This is a nice steady flow that will completely work you and leave you feeling balanced on all sides.

Goals :    Building strength in our Reformer routine at a steady pace.

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