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Delicious Full Body Stretch Break

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: All Levels

reformer stretch… *Equipment Needed :     Stability ball. Reformer and Long/Short box.

Focus :    Jump up for a quick Reformer STRETCH in the middle of your day or at any time! This is FOR EVERYONE! Above all, these are feel good stretches to help open, lengthen, mobilize our spines, and restore circulation all throughout the body.

Class Level :     All levels. For everyone.

The Course of this Class :    In this class we will first open our font line; next stretch our shoulders; and then pop our feet in the straps for leg circles and a delicious spine massage.

Goals :     Move, circulate, and do good to your body. We are meant to move but often we lack time in our day, take 10 minutes out and you will be rewarded.

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