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Full Circle Fit

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: Intermediate

reformer with props… *Equipment Needed :      Magic circle. Mat. Reformer and Long/Short box.

Focus :    Target? Arms, lats, obliques and the rest of the core. There will be lots of moving parts to manage, but an awesome fit fusion mash up of Mat & Reformer.

Class Level :     Intermediate.

The Course of this Class :    Don’t be deceived we start with a yummy spine stretch, but this class quickly picks up to an energetic pace. The difficulty augments quickly as we move onto strong, dynamic moves including lots of planks WITH the magic circle!

Goals :     If you are looking for fun and different ways to use the Reformer with props this may give you some ideas. In all we do today we will focus on full body integration, engaging the whole system!

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