Reformer + Props Playtime


Enhance & Intensify Reformer routines using props.

Learn how to incorporate the use of a prop during a Reformer session in order to optimize: 1) the client’s technique; 2) performance; 3) focus; 4) challenge; 5) experience; and 6) results. Props offer assistance, increase feedback, and intensify challenge; not to mention offer an element of fun to the workout! And we all know that when we have fun and enjoy what we are doing, we actually get the most out of it!

There are two parts to this workshop in which different props are covered. Some are presented in full class flows which the teacher can directly use; others are presented in different exercise variation options, which would be creatively woven into a flow the teacher will later create. Part 1 and Part 2 are independent of each other and can be taken separately. Reformer with props is a favorite workshop for many.

Props used include the Magic Circle, Stability ball, Foam Roller, Wooden Dowel, Therabands, Dumbbells, and the Bosu ball.

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