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Surf Shaper Magic

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: Beginner++

*Equipment Needed : Magic Circle and Mat.

Focus : Reshape your ARMS, ABS & LEGS. 

Class Level : Beginner and Intermediate.

The Course of this Class : Watch the surf as you reshape your ARMS, ABS & LEGS. We will use the magic circle throughout this entire mat routine on the beach. Because the circle helps us connect to our deep inner core muscles, pelvic floor and transverse abdominus, we can cinch in that waistband and lean that silhouette. Enjoy the sound of the waves while we flow on the mat together!

Goals : Really try to connect to your pelvic floor in this class when the circle is in between the inner thighs. You want to squeeze the circle beginning from the lift of the pelvic floor and then, and only then the squeeze of your legs against the circle. This will make all the difference in your results for your waistline and your core. Then when using the circle between the hands, squeeze it from underneath your armpits and you will burn away any fat and shape your arms, underarms and sides.

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