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No More Flab Arms and Abs

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: All Levels

sculpt defined abs… *Equipment Needed :     Hand weights (2-5lbs/1-1/2 – 3kg) and a Mat.

Focus :    Arms and Abs baby! Sculpt defined abs BY using weights which gives more muscular definition and burns away that top flabby layer. If your looking for that “cut” or “shredded” look, adding weights (along with cardio workouts) is the key!

If that isn’t your goal, Pilates lovers don’t go away.. try this session to seriously challenge your CORE and get stronger, toned arms!

Class Level :     ALL levels can do this class !

The Course of this Class :      Weights require more focus, precision and centeredness while building more strength, burning calories, and sculpting definition. Consequently, we will use fine, controlled movements with our core Pilates principles. Another Instagram inspired Mat flow, this is fun, focused and very challenging. We will be practicing plenty of traditional exercises. In addition, you’ll finish with a booty balance challenge! Note : you can always follow this sequence without the weights if you find it too much and work up to using them. Do it and make it YOUR workout!

Goals :     Building in more strength through precision and right bio mechanics, and consequently more muscular definition.

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