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Sculpting Reformer workout, Pilates Classics meet HIIT, Live Replay

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: Intermediate

*Equipment Needed :
  Reformer & box.

This is our HIIT Reformer & Sculpt LIVE class replay, for a 60 minute fat-burning, muscle toning circuit workout today.

We bring you a sculpting Reformer workout using HIIT training with Pilates classics. We’ll alternate between on and off the Reformer to get our heart beat up, boost our metabolism, our mood, and our mojo! In between we’ll focus on sculpting that bod to a strong silhouette.

Focus :  Booty, Balance, Full body, Arms and Abs.

Class Level :  Intermediate level taught but this HIIT Reformer class is for everyone really! Modify and adjust the workout to make it to your level, we want everyone to join!

Goals :  Use high intensity interval training to sculpt lean muscle tone, hone our focus, energy & effort for timed sequences to get the most out of our work. Move quickly and effectively to pick up the heart beat and break a sweat.

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