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Short Box: Upper Body Strength & Mobility for All Ages, All-Time

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: Advanced, All Levels, Beginner, Intermediate

Focus :   

Build and maintain upper body strength & mobility. We visit today our short box series and more upper back, shoulder and arm exercises to optimize shoulder joint mobility, spine mobility and flexibility, core strength, best posture and alignment for our body now and for all-time.

WARNING: As workout three of this program was encouraged for those with osteopenia or osteoporosis, this class is the contrary. This is not recommended to either of those groups as we include a lot of spinal movement in flexion, rotation and lateral bending. If you would still like to watch, you CAN participate in all seated TALL exercises without any spine bending. Please bear in mind to keep your wrists straight as this area is more fragile. Work with a weight that is appropriate, one that offers a bit of challenge but creates no strain to avoid over stressing the joints.

Welcome to day four of our Anti-Aging, fall prevention program. Exercises for all ages and all-time. We endeavor to answer this question:

“WHAT EXERCISES should I be including in my daily, or weekly, routine?” These exercises are a baseline of strength, mobility, flexibility and balance.

Repeat this class as often as you wish or return just to take a quick reminder glance at the list of exercises below to make sure you are including them weekly in your routine. If you are following our complete workouts here on Gone Adventuring you are sure to get these in weekly.

Equipment Needed :     

Reformer and Reformer sitting box.

Class Level :     

ALL levels.

The Course of this Class :   

The shortbox series is fabulous for moving the spine in all its directions and making sure we are maintaining a good baseline of upper body strength and mobility to support our trunk, keep flexible and enjoy vitality! Find listed below the exercises in today’s class. I’m pretty sure you know them by heart, maybe today you will understand even more why we do them and just some of their many benefits! 😉

Shortbox series: Rounded back. Flat back lean. Twist and lean. Side overs: lateral flexion. Side rotations. Side twisted back flexion to extension.

Seated back: T pulls. X pulls. Bicep curls. Chest expansion. Y pulls.

Side seated (or kneeling): Cross pull: low to high. Overhead reach (also known in Pilates as the “statue of liberty”). Thoracic spine twists.

Seated forward: Serve a tray. Hug a tree. Salute.

Tricep push ups.

Goals :     

Increase, improve and maintain upper body strength & mobility in the spine, shoulders, arms, core and trunk. Encourage full range of movement and work within for optimal flexibility in thoracic spine and all of upper body. Improve range of movement if some has been lost. Increase breath in vitals as we move to increase blood flow and energy flow. Maintain healthy and proper alignment when moving to prevent injuries in twisting and other such movements where injuries often occur. Healthy spines. Strong core. Better posture. Improve movement patterns. Age well.

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