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Side Bend & Twist with Becca & baby

Instructor: Becca Norman
Level: Beginner++

*Equipment Needed :      Stability ball & Mat.

Focus :    Pre-natal OR Post-natal Mat side bend & twist today with Becca who is 36 weeks pregnant. Warm up the legs, ankles and feet will be a focus today to get the blood moving and reduce any swelling and discomfort that can be present at this point of pregnancy or after a long day driving or at the office too! This workout is great for anyone. We’ll also focus on our standing balance and posture, our side bending and thoracic rotation, and our overall connectivity.

Class Level :     Beginner – Intermediate.

The Course of this Class :     Using the small stability ball Becca leads us through a beautiful sequence which includes much mind-body connectivity as we stand, sit, kneel, lie and move in all directions. The ball will feel so good as we use it to assist us as well as to challenge our adductors. We’ll be really moving our spine a lot, hence the side bend & twist ;) and get some good strengthening of the upper back as well. If you are pregnant this sequence will feel really good and create some much needed space.

Goals :      Stretch, tone, move, breathe, create space, breath, flow and strength in the body.

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