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Skinny Waist Workout – Total Body Lean, Live Replay

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: All Levels

*Equipment Needed : Your Mat and you!

Focus :  Missed the “skinny waist workout” post up on our Instagram? Then JOIN ME here on the Mat and we’ll do it together, cinch in and wring out our abs! Full body workout, but with special attention on that CORE.

Class Level :  ALL levels. Modifications given, adjust for your needs.

The Course of this Class :     Get ready to squeeze, cinch, and wring out that center; lift, pull up and in that belly. Today’s mat skinny waist workout, though all about that waistline, is also a full body flow. We will move the spine in all its directions for full body toning and shaping.

Goals :  Tone and sculpt the core, the whole body and move fluidly. A great class to start any day, or a new week.

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