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20:30 Strength:Cardio All-in-one, Full Body Jumpboard Workout

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: All Levels, Intermediate

Focus :   

This strength cardio full body workout is an all-in-one, so turn on this video to get it done for the day! 20 minutes of full body strength training, you’ll hit your legs, glutes, arms, upper back, chest, and abs. Then off to 30 minutes of jumping for some heart-pumping cardiovascular exercise.

Why strength before cardio?

I’ve chosen to strength train first so we can build lean muscle tone and use our readily available sugar stores for energy to do so. This way we are sure to not burn muscle and defeat our purpose of our training. While strength training this puts us into an aerobic state. Therefore, when followed by cardio which will sustain us longer in that aerobic state, we can dip into using our fat stores for energy and focus on burning fat and calories. This is of course for a goal of weight maintenance or loss in addition to lean muscle build.

Equipment Needed :     

Reformer, long box, jumpboard, and a small size soft ball or a towel, use what you have.

Class Level :     

Intermediate and really ALL levels. Class today does not include overly complicated exercises, but simply demands a good amount of strength and stamina. I encourage ALL levels to try it, and simply modify where you find you need to, or pause and resume. Suggestions will be given during certain exercises. Always give it a try!

The Course of this Class :   

As stated above we start with 20 quick minutes of full body strengthening. Next, 30 minutes of jumping from supine, to side, to kneeling positions, we’ll make sure to move around and hit all sides! Really focus on engaging through all your muscles, using your breath to get the max benefit out of our session. Get ready for some balance work also and more core work while jumping! Have fun today getting that heart rate up and keeping it sustained up there.

Drop me a note below to let me know how you liked class!👇🏼

Goals :     

Full body complete workout combining strength and cardio in one. Increase stamina. Burn fat and calories. Build lean muscle. Maintain healthy weight. Improve and maintain healthy fitness level. Boost metabolism. Improve blood circulation. Cardio cleanse. Tone and sculpt. Get it done all-in-one.

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