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Strength Increasing – Total Body Wise Corrector! Core, Diagonals, Sides, & Standing

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: Intermediate

*Equipment Needed :  Spine Corrector and your Mat. You can also use the Baby Arc if you have that instead. Hand weights are entirely optional today but grab them if you have them. I’ll be using 10 lbs. each, but if you have lighter than 5 lb./3kg you’ll be able to incorporate them even more if you like. All about options today and making this YOURS! 😉

Focus :  This is strength increasing – total body toning & sculpting today. We will move the spine in every direction and work the core, diagonals, sides, standing meaning: glutes, legs and balance.

Class Level :  Intermediate level taught but I believe this class is really approachable for almost all levels. Modify what you need and work up to anything little by little.

The Course of this Class :  We start with CORE, carving it out and using that arc behind us for the best feedback it provides. Then we really hit those diagonals, not just in the back but also the front working in 4-point kneeling and planks. We move onto our sides, lots of leg work, and then take it up. Be ready to move plenty but really focus from CORE OUT.

Goals :  Improve overall strength & fitness, increase muscle tone, challenge balance and hip strength, and just sculpt the whole body wisely.

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