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Sandy Sunset Strength Stretch

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: Beginner, Intermediate

strength & stretch… *Equipment Needed :     Resistance band and Mat.

Focus :    Join me from Bunker’s Beach in Western Australia at sunset for a fabulous fit flow! We use the theraband to bring stretch, openness, greater range of movement, and extra intensity to the whole of our workout tonight. This is full body integration. You will definitely feel your arms, shoulders and upper back working constantly through this session. There’s a lot here, enjoy the scenery as you move along with me for a stronger, fitter bod!

Class Level :     Beginner – Intermediate.

The Course of this Class :     We’ll start with standing stretches to open the heart and sides of the body. This picks up and moves into a strength & stretch session combined to get the best of both worlds with the relaxation at sunset hour.

Goals :     Achieve more openness and stretch, more flexibility, more breath and a greater range of movement throughout your body. In addition, strengthen at the same time that you lengthen.

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