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Stretch it out “Reformer Every Day” BONUS DAY

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: All Levels

*Equipment Needed :     Reformer, a foam roller (medium or hard density recommended; Note: too soft won’t work for some of what we will do) and the long box.

Focus :    Stretch it out, lengthen the muscles we’ve used all week, focus on breath and creating space in the body. Welcome to Day 6 or Bonus Day of our REFORMER EVERY DAY challenge, Reformer “one-a-day” Monday through Friday weekly schedule.

Class Level :     ALL levels. Today is for everyone, feel good, stretching, lengthening, centering flow.

The Course of this Class :    We start with our cat & cow in a creative way focusing on length through the entire spine, opening up the front body and next we move to lengthening the side body. The pace today is slow and relaxed. You’ll see some fun creative ways of using the box on the carriage with no springs. Today is about restoring the body after much movement during the week.

Goals :     Stretch it out, lengthen tight muscles, release tension. Restore fatigued muscle groups.

Move every day on the Reformer. Alternate focus to get a full body workout throughout the entire week. Train smart. Get stronger. Improve fitness level. Increase mind-body awareness and connectivity. Always improve muscle tone, balance & coordination. Oh and… have some fun 👍🏼!

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