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Stretch It Out with Becca & baby

Instructor: Becca Norman
Level: All Levels

*Equipment Needed :      Small Stability Ball (or folded up towel) and Mat.

Focus :    Becca, 36 weeks pregnant, leads us through a stretching routine to get rid of any stiffness and just to move our bodies. This is great by itself or also to tack on to any other workout you’ve just finished. We’ll stretch our hips, get some good shoulder opening and stretches, and just overall feel good. Enjoy a session where you don’t have to think about what to do and you can just relax and stretch along, focus in on your breathing and your body.

Class Level :     Pre and Post-Natal. ALL levels.

The Course of this Class :     Becca will lead us in a beautiful stretching routine today. We’ll start kneeling in some cat/cows, move into side splits, open up the side and front body, and continue with extensions, shoulder stretches and glute med stretches. Don’t miss this class, it’s a great addition to any weekly routine. A moment to restore, work flexibility and open everything up. You’ll feel more energized afterwards. And you’ll notice how stiff I am, lol, this class is for everyone!

Goals :      Work flexibility, fluidity, breath and circulation. Create more energy throughout our whole bodies.

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