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Stretch, Release, Destress.. Warm-up, Cool Down or Chill Out!

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: All Levels

Focus :  Stretch, release, destress your tissues, muscles and you. Self-care time. Warm-up or cool down, or all alone, in part or in whole, this session is meant for you to use it for what you need now.

*Equipment Needed :  Foam Roller, Mat and Resistance band (you can always substitute a band for a rolled up towel or tie).

The Course of this Class : We start with opening up the front of the body and the shoulders. We’ll roll all along the spine, under the arms, the hamstrings, glutes, piriformis, TFL, and calves. This class is meant to encourage you to stretch yourself out, whether you use this for a warm-up, a cool down or all on its own for an off day of rest and recovery. I am the worst at taking time specifically to stretch but when I am doing it with a friend I enjoy it so much more. So, I hope that this video can be that for you and if you are anything like me, this can be a moment of self-care and relaxation outside of your normal “hit-it-hard” workout time. Rolling is so advantageous to helping the tissues recover, hydrate and stay healthy and circulated.

Class Level :  ALL levels.

Goals :  Warm-up. Cool down. Or a chill out in this stretch, release and destress self-care moment. Aid muscle recovery and rest, soft tissue hydration and circulation, improve flexibility, decrease tensions and relieve stress stored in the body.

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