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Strong but Stretchy Tower Workout

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: Advanced, All Levels, Beginner, Intermediate

Focus :

This yummy and elongating full body movement session will challenge your strength through the whole body while sneaking in lots of lengthening moves for the back, legs, and chest. But don’t be fooled, you’re gonna work, this isn’t stretch first, it’s strength with stretch. Today’s workout will leave you feeling stronger and longer, increase your breath and circulation, and overall sense of well being.

This is a great class if you have to spend long sessions seated as it will open you up and lengthen you back out.

Equipment Needed :

Wall springboard or Tower, or Cadillac. You need your roll down and push through bar; 1 set of short light springs, 1 set of long light springs, 1 short heavy spring as well as your straps/loops.

Class Level :

All levels. This class is accessible to any fitness level, if ever you find an exercise or a piece of an exercise too challenging simply adapt it to your level and don’t worry! These classes are made for you to really make your own, get challenged where you need it most and gently grow into where you want to be.

The Course of this Class :

Starting a series with our roll down bar to “set” our core strength first, we’ll then move into more full body exercises moving the spine in all directions. You’ll get a nice amount of upper back extension in today’s session to open and stretch the chest while strengthening the back muscles to improve posture, breath and carriage. You’ll also get some nice lengthening through the backs of the legs to stretch out tight hamstrings and calves. You’ll see side leg swings, a favorite for some and great for healthy hip mobility. Class has plenty of variety in a short amount of time you’ll leave feeling fully worked.

Goals :

Improve and increase deep core strength including shoulder and hip strength. Use traction as well as resistance to create more length, stretch and flexibility in the body overall. Maintain a healthy, mobile and supple spine that moves in all directions and is supported by strong postural muscles. Work end ranges of movement in order to keep strength there and maintain those ranges in the joints. Develop stronger postural muscles to hold the body upright, set the shoulder blades right and alleviate tight upper traps. Strengthen the glutes and legs for a stronger hip-pelvic complex, and a healthier lumbar spine. Build long lean musculature. Massage the spine in articulation, open it up and decompress. Strengthen the ankles and feet along with balance.

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