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Perfect for: Staying fit, strong & sculpted during summer.

☀️It’s summer!☀️ The sun is out, the kids are home, you’re hosting, visiting, traveling, headed to sand & sea for some much needed R&R! You’re busy! This 8 week program serves up the perfect mix of seriously sculpting moves with cardio and HIIT to keep you fit, sculpted and feeling beautiful all summer long IN ONLY 2 HOURS PER WEEK!

Yep, you heard right! This program is all about flexibility. You don’t have to abandon your workout routine for lack of time or equipment. Stay fit and sculpted while also having plenty of time to do all those extra summer activities. So, whether home or traveling…

Keep your total body strong, rev up your metabolism (burn off any extra margaritas), and radiate confidence in that bathing suit or new outfit all summer long.

2 Rules:
            1. Don’t skip a workout
            2. Add cardio each time
Only 3 workouts per week
Sculpt with us for 20 efficient minutes 3 times per week.
Then, join us for cardio, HIIT or Tabata right after – OR – choose your own cardio activity. That’s all there is to it.

What equipment is needed?

This program will vary the use of Reformer, Mat, Chair and props for those who have access and for those who are out and about who don’t.

⚠️ On the day that you don’t have the equipment used, repeat a day for which you do have it. 

What are the workouts like?

Sculpting workouts offer lots of diversity from Athletic Reformer, Power Abs & Arms, Total Body Sculpting, Superwoman Planks, Rockin’ Core, Legs to Kill and much more.  Cardio workouts offer Reformer jumpboard, Rebounding for Life on the trampoline, and HIIT and Tabata Mat drills.

What level must I be?

Any level.  Presented at an intermediate level, we move at a quick pace to save time and get right to the workout. The challenge is right off the bat, but suggestions for modifications are given throughout. The most important thing is to listen to your body, and modify and adapt when you need. 


Summer includes lots of sun and fun but make sure you keep up on your…

1. WATER consumption

  • You’re sweating and you’re probably spending time in the sun on top of that. The minimum without exercise, sun and other drinks is AT LEAST 1/2 your body weight in fluid ounces of water EVERY DAY.  Double that! Remember water flushes all the excess out. Don’t just sweat it to shred it, DRINK up to shed it!

2. FRESH foods

  • All the dining out and yummy foods plus snacks and treats.. Make sure to also eat lots of water rich fresh fruits and veggies. This will help off set excess salts in other foods, sugars etc. Choose organic, grass fed, and whole food every time you can. Treat yourself, but go easy, everything in moderation. Remember you’ve got a workout tomorrow to sweat out, you don’t want to drag in to class! 

3. Zzzzz’s

  • Rest! We can’t say it enough. Enjoy late nights for sure, cause you can in summer. But sleep in, take naps, read a book, get your zzz’s. It’s huge! Your body will replenish, rebuild and clean house. So love yourself some rest and relaxation, massages, spa days, it’s just as important as your workouts! 

👯‍♀️ Invite your friends and kids to do this with you, make it a family affair or a friends’ social connect. Whether in person, or on Facetime or Zoom, workout together and get it checked off and done! 


 Once you’ve finished your 30 days, or if you can’t wait 😉, here is a visual celebratory recap of all you have done!🥳💪🥂

We’re excited to have you join us! If you are returning for your 2nd time, you will be charged today. There is no 2nd free trial. Thank you for your understanding.