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SUP Pilates in Porquerolles, France

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: Intermediate

*Equipment Needed :      Grab your Mat & join me from home or wherever you might be OR your SUP paddle board and head out into the water.

Focus :    SUP Pilates focused purely on balance, fun, strength, speed through transitions, and plenty of planks!!!

Class Level :     Intermediate level, but if you’re between beginner and intermediate I would definitely try this class!

The Course of this Class :     Get ready to start strong AND FAST today. We start kneeling hovering the knees over the mat and move straight away into a donkey kick. Today’s video will be voiced over as I couldn’t be on my mic while out in the water. SUMMER IS HERE! And I think we might all enjoy this beautiful scenery while getting our workout on! We’ll hit the whole body, so be ready for lots of planks, bridges, side body work, spinal articulation and extension, back body and CORE. This is a fabulously full body flow in 20 minutes tops! Be ready to listen as our transitions are almost non-existent we move so quickly from one exercise to the next seamlessly.

Also, I hope I get to take you traveling a bit with me to this beautiful island from another time. Welcome to Porquerolles in the Mediterranean Sea, where the colors are just as vivid as you see them here, and the water is literally crystal clear and as warm as bath water. Where sea and song meet and the sun doesn’t go down till very late at night. It’s a dreamy place!

Goals :      Move quickly, seamlessly, strongly. Improve our endurance and alignment in planks. Pick up the heart rate a bit. Increase back body, posterior chain strength: triceps, shoulders, spinal erectors, glutes and hamstrings.

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