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Sweat Sesh, let’s do this! Fit Workout with Paola, Live Replay

Instructor: Paola Simboli
Level: All Levels

*Equipment Needed :  A Mat.

Focus :  This sweat sesh today is full body fitness, get ready to move, work those legs, booty, feet, ankles, balance, core, and yes your heart – cardio! Great for athletes and non-athletes alike! I can’t recommend more that you guys take this class! ❤️You’ll see plenty of lunges and squats, it’s practical functional fitness. You’ll finish on the mat with some more classical Pilates moves to strengthen your core.

Meet Paola from Pilates Academy Dubai. Challenging Pilates enthusiasts by bringing them to the next level offering strength, balance and core strength. Expect to combine athletic and calorie-burning exercises with traditional Matwork.

Class Level :  FOR EVERYONE! Don’t miss this one guys! If you are a runner, play any sport, and even if you don’t, tune in & join us for this sweaty & fun workout!

Goals :  Increase and challenge your full body strength and fitness, coordination, balance and connectivity. We’re mixing it up in this sweat sesh, get ready to move with Paola LIVE from Dubai!

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