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The Runners Workout 1, Live Replay

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: Intermediate

*Equipment Needed :  Reformer, long box, magic circle, hand weights, small stability (soft) ball.

Focus :  In this runner’s workout our focus is: 1. Spinal mobility & rotation, flexibility & strength in order to move with ease and grace. 2. Core stability and pelvic stabilization in order to translate ground force into energy and power in stride. 3. Lateral movement, beyond the sagittal plane. 4. Strengthen glute max, posterior chain while opening anterior chain, front of body. Also strengthen the hip flexors. 5. Mind-body awareness and connection by way of coordination. 6. Agility & quick response time. 7. Upper body strength.

Class Level :  Intermediate. But no matter what you’re level, IF YOU RUN, TRY THIS! And if you don’t, well try it anyways 😁👍🏼

The Course of this Class :  Today’s runner’s workout is a dynamic athletic based Reformer workout. Expect to move in all planes and challenge your standing balance. We move at a moderate pace with great attention to form and alignment as we go.

Goals :  Improve your spinal mobility & rotation. Build better & stronger core & pelvic stabilization. Increase power in stride. Balance strength to weakness ratio by working outside of the sagittal plane. Increase coordination and thereby agility & response times. Prevent injury. Ultimately improve your running so you move with greater ease and efficiency!

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