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The Runner’s Workout 2, Live Replay

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: Advanced, Intermediate

Focus : 

In this live runner’s workout replay, which is a continuation of what you saw and practiced in The Runner’s Workout 1 on the Reformer, we will work on: 1. Strengthen the posterior chain: upper back and glutes, specfically for powering the back stride, all while opening the anterior chain; 2. Strengthen the hip flexors as much as stretching them specifically to develop more power in pull through phase of stride; 3. Core strength and pelvic stabilization to support the spine in rotation and mobility, empowering translation of ground force into energy and powerful propulsion; 5. Lateral movement to balance muscular strength and prevent injury.

Today’s exercises were specifically chosen because they strengthen runners for what they need in order for greater balance, symmetry, power and flexibility.

Even if you are not an avid runner, or a runner at all, these exercises today are also beneficial for any body.

Equipment Needed : 

Your Chair, mat and a small soft ball. Remember you can always substitute with a folded towel.

👉Booty band was never used though it is presented at the beginning, you will not need it.

The Course of this Class :

Class starts with a gentle warm up by mobilizing the spine and stretching the hamstrings. A welcome beginning for true runners who are often tight in their hamstrings. Next, a core warm up moves you into a lateral series. Classical foot work leads into mat work to strengthen the posterior chain and mobilize the spine. Extensions take you into a single leg standing series, and finish you off with a plank series. You’ll finish class feeling worked head to toe, stronger, more aligned and balanced in every way.

Class is dynamic, you will challenge your proprioception and your coordination to make you a better athlete and runner. Focus on your alignment and breath throughout each exercise today.

Share with us below what you found challenging and if there was any stand outs for you as a runner from this class 👇🏼

Class Level : 

Intermediate – Advanced.

Goals : 

Strengthen posterior chain, open anterior chain. Work laterals and not just sagital plane of movement. Support your sport. Become a better, more balanced, more powerful and efficient runner. Increase your core strength and pelvic stabilization during movement. Improve your spinal mobility and flexibility. Work rotation and extension. Empower certain phases of your stride. Balance imbalances. Better posture.

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