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The Runner’s Workout 3, Live Replay

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: Advanced, Intermediate

Focus : 

This live replay using the fit ball for our runner’s, continues the same focus we have had in our other two live replay Runner’s workouts (see Runner Reformer, Runner Chair): 1. Spinal and hip mobility and rotation for best torsion while running and injury prevention from that same twist; 2. Stretch calves, hamstrings, low back and hip flexors; 3. Strengthen the core; 4. Balance strength between upper to lower body in order to create greater ease and efficiency in stride; 5. Lateral exercises to move us out of the constant forward grove (sagital plane of movement).

Today’s exercises are beneficial to everyone, so you by no means have to be a runner to follow this workout. However, if you are, these exercises will help you improve and remain balanced and get you stronger to keep doing what you love to do!

Equipment Needed : 

Your fitball, a wall and your mat.

The Course of this Class :

The first third of class uses the wall. The second third of class works in the standing and planking planes over the ball. And the last third of class is down on the mat with the ball. Class pace moves moderately and deliberately. Focus is placed on form and alignment. Get ready to practice your balance in more than one way. Lateral movements will challenge your obliques and your adductors and abductors to create more stability in your forward stride when running. Core exercises will ensure your spine remains supported and strong during your run and outside of your run. Standing exercises will improve your hip-knee-ankle alignment as well as you body awareness. Extension exercises will strengthen your back chain which also plays an important roll in the twist that happens between lower to upper body as you run forward. I’ll let you discover the rest, this is a very complete class in all the exercises that are chosen.

Be sure to come back and repeat OFTEN!

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Class Level : 

Intermediate – Advanced.

Goals : 

Stretch and strengthen. Prevent injury. Improve mobility and stability both. Balance imbalances. Increase power and efficiency. Improve body awareness, posture and alignment. Support you in your outdoors and sports activities. Make you a more balanced version of yourself and increase your longevity and vitality.

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