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Fitball FITTER Crush

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: Intermediate++

Tight abs.. *Equipment Needed : Fitball and Mat.

Focus : Try this workout for a fitter, stronger core, tighter abdominals, tighter booty, strong arms, and more centered balance.

Class Level : Intermediate – Advanced.

The Course of this Class : In this session, we will target the abs in curl ups and oblique twists while the fit ball gives us precise feedback. And this feedback helps us dig even deeper to that next level. We will mobilize the spine in all directions; work in bridge and single leg bridge to firm that booty and challenge every asymmetry; work in dead bug isolating the abs like NEVER BEFORE!; this one is super challenging yet fun see what you think! It is also extremely effective for tightening those abs. And of course, we’ll lift up into plank, pike, and get ready for it: single leg knee pulls, you can do it! Build more total body strength using the fit ball.

Goals : Tight abs! This sequence is strong and really isolates the core today, all in order to have a more cinched in waistline, support our back, and move more balanced and efficiently from our center.

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