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Some Rockin’ ABS

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: Advanced, Intermediate

*Equipment Needed :     Mat and Household Chair.

Focus : Tone & firm rockin’ ABS. A total complete core challenge!

Class Level : Intermediate – Advanced.

The Course of this Class : Household chair Sequel, Part 2. If you haven’t tried Part 1, definitely make sure you do, you can find it in the slider below here, it’s called Dynamic Standing Power. So, in Part 1 we focused primarily on standing, this time we’ll be down on the mat toning and firming our CORE. But get ready for it, we won’t stay down, we’ll finish with elevated planks not for the faint of heart. Join me, make this workout your own, build up your strength 1 step at a time, there are some tough ones here but challenge yourself and you’ll tone & firm rockin’ abs!

Goals : You will be rewarded with more endurance, greater strength, better posture, stronger shoulders and some rockin’ abs.

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