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Tone it up Booty, Back & ABS

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: Beginner++

*Equipment Needed :     Mat, Hand weights, and a Small Stability Ball.

Focus : In this class we will open our hearts and release tension, meanwhile building a STRONG CORE and BACK.

Class Level : Beginner to Intermediate.

The Course of this Class : For the first half, stretch your chest and tighten your ABS using the weights and stability ball to build a strong core and back. Secondly you’ll be sidelying, prone, quadruped, and back to supine for the GLUTE work, to target our core and back. Remember, achieving greater length and stretch is just as much needed as strength. This session focuses on opening up our front line and moving us in every plane. It’s a gentle flow and you’ll get a complete workout.

Goals : Most importantly, this session will help us to gain more thoracic extension, mobility and range; a deeper more expansive breath; increase energy flow throughout the whole body; and we will build strong core and back, and long, lean legs. So who doesn’t want more chest and hip opening in this modern day of much sitting, forward motion, and compressed hip flexion?!

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Check out our YouTube workout