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Step Up, Stand Up, Shape Up

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: All Levels

tone tight thighs… *Equipment Needed :     Booty bands (1 light-medium resistance. 1 medium-heavy resistance). Barre (or the back of a chair, or a countertop).

Focus :    Leaner, trimmer, tighter thighs; strong glutes, strong backs and arms. The perfect mid-day break from work! If you’ve been sitting too long at a desk, after a long drive; or even if your daily activity has you in an extended forward folded posture… Stand up, straighten up, strap on a booty band and join me in class! You can even do this from your desk!!!

Class Level :     For any level.

The Course of this Class :    You are going to wake up your backside, firm and shape up your booty, and finish off with opening your chest by strengthening a sexy back. This is a fun, functional and therefore, awesome standing, barre inspired, workout. You won’t be doing a million pliés, but you’ll do some squats and mostly lots of leg lifts to tone tight thighs all the way around.

Goals :     We’ll get our circulation pumping again, stand taller, and have stronger legs and butts by waking up and using our posterior chain.

Other workouts you may enjoy targeting the Booty and Legs :    Ball & Bands BBB (Booty, Back & Balance), Build-a-Booty, Stronger for Longer FULL Body FUN, Tone it up Booty, Back & ABSLonger Leaner Chair Legs

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