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Toned Arms and Tight Abs Workout – Upper Body Makeover, Live replay

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: All Levels

Focus : 

Arms and abs workout, focusing on drawing the abdominals back and up to get that flat belly; twisting through that center to fully engage obliques and squeeze in that waistline; and finally using our arms to stabilize, push, pull and lift us into inversions. Great for building wrist strength and shoulder stabilizer strength. Also great for seriously strengthening your core!

*Equipment Needed : 

Mat and your fit ball (or gym ball, it has so many different names! 😁)

The Course of this Class :

We start strong by challenging the balance and using our core as our stabilizer. The fit ball gives great feedback as to our form and how we are engaging in our core. We’ll move in every plane: standing, sitting, lying down and side ways. Get ready for more challenging versions like pikes and planks but also more basic versions, just as difficult, lying on your back. This arms and abs workout class is fun and playful while moving the spine in every direction, and building a stronger core and upper body.

Class Level : 

For fit beginners and everyone else. Intermediate level taught. Cassie, my husband and Austin (Personal Body Building Trainer) join me today and they are all Pilates beginners. They are fit, and have great body awareness, but a lot of these moves are new to them. So this is a great class for fit beginners. If something is too hard, modify or come down, take a breath and join us again. Try and build up to these challenges till you can do the whole flow. 👍🏼

Goals : 

Build a stronger core and stronger upper body. Improve wrist strength. Increase shoulder stabilizer strength. Improve form. Flatten the abs (or the abdominal wall). Gain confidence in your practice. Have fun.

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