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Toned Lean Legs Workout with Reformer/Tower Combo

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: Intermediate

Focus :

Toned lean legs are incredibly accessible and attainable using this Reformer/Tower combo. We double up on pulleys and resistance provided by the equipment to work our muscles in each direction. Legs will be the main focus of today, but you’ll also hit your abs effectively and your arms, especially triceps and upper shoulders. This makes for a great full body workout today. You’ll finish feeling stronger and leaner already.

Equipment Needed :

Reformer/Tower combo, and the Reformer sitting box.

Class Level :

Intermediate. No matter what level you are, remember you can always lighten your spring load for this particular class to decrease the difficulty and join us, build up slowly. To increase difficulty today you can level up a spring as well if desired.

The Course of this Class :

We start with single leg footwork for those toned lean legs, playing with different pulls and pushes at the foot bar. Onto hands in straps for some ab work, and then up into our side lying position for some swinging leg and hip work. Pulling straps is SO different using the tower while gliding on the Reformer track; that swinging glide ups the challenge to the triceps and posterior chain to really reach backwards while the crown of the head pulls forward. This exercise series then leads us into kneeling arm work facing the tower and then onto our side kneeling arm work. So as you can read, you’ll be getting a full body workout. We finish upright so your energy is up and you are ready to walk off to your next event of the day! You’ll leave today’s workout feeling fully worked head to toe.

Goals :

Strengthen the whole body, particularly focusing on toned lean legs, mind-body connection while working unilaterally; increase arm and ab strength and control. Today is about refining our practice and deepening the muscular activation and initiation. Refining, toning and deepening the work. Strong, long, lean muscles. Legs, arms and abs.

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