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IG inspired, CORE & lower body burner !

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: Intermediate++

Toned thighs & tight abs.. *Equipment Needed :    Fitball. Booty bands. Mat.

Focus :     Adductors and Abductors (also known as your lateral slings), pelvic floor, tranverse abdominal, your whole core and more!

Class Level :     Intermediate – Advanced.

The Course of this Class :     Join me on this Instagram inspired improvisation session for toned thighs & tight abs, hitting lateral slings (AD & ABductors on fire!), pelvic floor, core and more! Fast and effective, it’s gonna go deep. You’ll see a lot of classics on our back, slow controlled and precise movements meant to go deep into the muscle! We’ll also be on our side and finish on our knees and feet. This is a challenging, quick yet complete session. And above all, our session wouldn’t be complete using a booty band if we didn’t give our booty some love! Grab your fitball and a booty band and let’s do this!

Goals :     We will use the abductor advantage of the booty band and the adductor advantage of the fitball together for a packed punch! Getting into both of these we will really be working our obliques and entire core as well.

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