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Toning & Shaping Strength, Pull up a Chair !

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: Intermediate

*Equipment Needed :      Pilates Chair and the long box from the Reformer (or a box or step of some kind). You actually do NOT need your Mat for today’s workout.

Focus :    Toning & shaping strength, specifically: obliques, side body, core, posterior chain, hips and legs. We’ll focus on breath and control, posture and alignment, muscle initiation & contraction. NOTE: Are you looking to improve ankle strength? Some of today’s moves will definitely help towards that!

Class Level :     Intermediate level taught but everyone should try it. (If you ever feel something is too hard, modify down or pause and rejoin us in the next move. Most of the time modifications are given 👍🏼).

The Course of this Class :     Today we will take some time to refine our practice, challenge our strength and improve our overall tone and fitness. Plan to get plenty of spinal articulation, move in every plane, be challenged in standing balance and try some new moves.

Goals :      Improve lean muscle tone through the mid-section, back, hips and legs specifically. Increase coordination and balance. Balance imbalances found in hips and side body. Better mind-body connectivity.

The Chair is a powerful apparatus that requires strength and helps us refine our practice.

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