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Total body FIT Ball

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: Beginner++

*Equipment Needed :     Fit Ball and Mat.

Focus : Challenge your balance and get total body stronger with this workout.

Class Level : Beginner to Intermediate.

The Course of this Class : The fit ball gives us crazy good feedback to our form as well as highlights all our imperfections, challenging us to constantly pull back to our CENTER! So, we’ll use it’s instability to teach us how to move from our core and be in control. We will work it all: balance, core, glutes, legs, and single leg standing to name a few. Are you ready? Let’s have some fun!

Goals : The fit ball has the ability to make our total body stronger and more connected. Due to its instability we have to create our own stability against the odds. The more we are able to do this with poise, ease, and efficiency the stronger and more balanced we will be in all we do. If you have no other equipment at home, this is likely the best prop to have.

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Try our YouTube workout