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Flexi-Band Strong

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: Advanced, Intermediate

Resistance band total body.. *Equipment Needed :     Resistance band (taller than you) and Mat.

Focus :     Whole body movement exercising flexibility and strength, circulation and flow.

Class Level :     Intermediate – Advanced.

The Course of This Class :     This flexi strong, creative band flow will both assist and challenge you in your strength and flexibility. Firstly, we start with standing footwork, squats and scissors to wake up our circulation, cognition, mind-body awareness and balance. Next, we move to the Mat for upright Rowing, assisted Roll Overs, Single Leg Stretch, Climb a Tree, single leg Teaser, Sidelying Kicks, Side Plank, quadruped booty work, Thigh Stretch and back onto our feet for lunges. This is a resistance band total body strong flow.

Goals :     Creating more length and strength in the body with the resistance band.

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