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Total Body Mobility, Strength, Posture & Balance, for All Ages, All-Time

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: Advanced, All Levels, Beginner, Intermediate

Focus :   

Today we work the whole system as one using total body integration in functional and key movements and exercises that will keep you strong, mobile, balanced and with great posture in all ages. Much of today’s workout is standing and we incorporate the use of sliders. These exercises are a baseline and you are most likely very familiar with them. Stay strong in these moves as they greatly influence longevity and vitality. You’ll work shoulders, arms, hips, legs, core and postural muscles.

This is our seventh Anti-aging class. We hope this program is educational as much as it proves functional for your own self practice. We are responding to the following question:

“WHAT MOVEMENTS should I pay attention to include in my daily, and at least weekly, routine that will give me the best longevity and vitality for all ages and all-time?”

Repeat these classes as often as you like or reference the exercise list below for your own empowered practice.

Equipment Needed :     

Your mat, 1 pair of core sliders (or substitute with a towel or socks), 1 pair of light hand weights, and lastly station yourself near a wall.

Class Level :     

ALL levels.

The Course of this Class :   

Class is in 2 parts: standing and on the mat. Here are a list of the exercises:

Roll downs. Lateral lunge + deltoid raise. Reverse lunge + bicep curl. Skate forward + chest expansion. Lunge skaters + bicep curl & tricep kick back. Skating circles. Wall sits + T – goalie arms against wall. Wall roll downs. Wall arm slides.

Seated single leg stretch with sliders. Same with cross reach & lift (add arm weight). Frogs + chest fly. Lying single leg stretch variation using sliders & hand weights. Oblique slides + reaches. Reverse ab crunch. Lying arm slides: goalie to overhead. Tricep push ups.

Goals :     

Use & practice functional movements to gain and maintain key and core strength for ideal mobility, balance and posture. Strengthen hips, quads, legs. Improve posture significantly, get rid of a rounded upper back and/or forward head posture. Keep bones strong and resilient. Core strength to support spine. Age with strength and grace. Fall prevention. Improve range of motion as well as maintain range. Be empowered to know what exercises you should include as a baseline in your own self practice.

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