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Total Body Moves with Creative Variations Marrying Dowel & Reformer

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: Advanced, Intermediate

*Equipment Needed : Reformer and a wooden dowel.

Focus : Today’s total body moves will sculpt and target: core, backs of arms, upper back muscles, hips, lots of legs and glutes. Balance work as well.

Class Level : Intermediate – Advanced. Modify what you need to make it your own!

The Course of this Class : Using one of my favorite props with the Reformer today get ready to flow our entire class using the dowel. You’ll see lots of creative variations and challenging sets. We’ll work unilaterally and also standing on the moving carriage. These total body moves will work it all. Oh and, LOTS OF LEGS.

Goals : Increase lean muscle tone especially in thighs and legs, improve precision and coordination, and balance. Challenge flow and transitions. Work creative variations.

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