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Total Body Sculpting workout for a Stronger, Longer Bod – Reformer/Tower

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: Advanced, Intermediate

Focus :

This total body sculpting workout is just that: total body and totally sculpting, shaping and toning from head to toe. You’ll be challenged and leave feeling more energized and definitely stronger. From legs, standing balance and glutes to serious core strong exercises to arms and upper back you won’t miss anything. You’ll get the ultimate toning also as you play with the resistance from the reformer carriage and also from the tower! This will not only make you stronger but also significantly more flexible and balanced in your musculature.

Equipment Needed :

Reformer/Tower combo, 2 long light springs with straps, and 2 short light springs attached to your roll down bar.

Class Level :

Intermediate – Advanced.

The Course of this Class :

Get ready to start standing all “hooked up” or strapped up. Hop up for skaters tethered to your tower while standing on your platform. Next up, likely the toughest stomach 5 series I’ve yet done, focus on precision, control and breath. Make sure to use your abs and not your neck, quads or hip flexors! Planks, high knee stretches, side kneeling arms, side lying leg kicks, lead into roll downs, teasers, thigh stretch and extensions. There you have it, for you to start the video! The more you focus on your breath, precision and control through each movement today the more you will get that absolute total body sculpting workout.

Goals :

Total body sculpting workout to tone, burn and firm. Long, lean lines. Improve muscle initiation, precision and control in practice. Deepen muscle tone around spine and hip complex. Improve form and alignment. Lengthen and increase flexibility. Full body integration.

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