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Total Body Toning Chair Workout

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: All Levels

*Equipment Needed :      Pilates Chair, Mat, chair springs OR hand weights (3-5lbs. or 1.5-3kg recommended) OR a resistance band. (The block you see in the video didn’t end up being used, so you don’t need it! 😉

Focus :    Total body toning from spinal articulation to arm work, glute work, core and coordination.

Class Level :     ALL levels. (If you ever feel something is too hard, modify down or pause and rejoin us in the next move. Most of the time modifications are given 👍🏼).

The Course of this Class :     We start with some cat and cows, move into traditional foot work on the chair combined with arms work using the springs, and then we move onto our side and back body. This is a total body toning workout, with a gentle flow. Have fun with Abbey and I on the chair.

Goals :      Improve overall muscle tone as well as mind-body connectivity. Increase flexibility and coordination.

The Chair is a powerful apparatus that requires strength and helps us refine our practice.

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