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Totally Toned Shoulders Upside Down

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: Intermediate

toned shoulders… *Equipment Needed :     Mat and Wall. 

Focus :    Today’s WALL workout will ultimately sculpt strong and toned shoulders, arms, back and booty. Get ready to do some inversions using the wall as our help. At the end try kicking up into a handstand. If you want to! ;) The benefits of inversions are insane you guys! In addition to boosting your metabolism and your mood, plus increasing blood circulation, you will get some awesome shoulder stretches and increase your strength by a lot! Have fun with this one, it’s about play and not all serious!

Class Level :     Intermediate. 

The Course of this Class :     Find some fun ways to use a wall for a workout! Great for shoulders, booty, legs. And a great spotter for inversions. Get ready for lunges, bridges, squats and push ups. 

Goals :     Overall whole body strength and tone. Specifically getting comfortable with inversions and working slowly up into them. 

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