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Totally Toned, Tight & Coordinated Mind-Body Reformer Roller Workout

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: Intermediate

*Equipment Needed :     Reformer, Foam Roller and Wooden Dowel.

Focus :    Totally toned tight legs and abs with keen eye – foot coordination and mind-body connection and concentration. Arms will be targeted as well, nothing is left out in this TTBS (totally toned body sculpting) Reformer workout.

Class Level :     Intermediate on up. 

The Course of this Class :     Get ready to jump off, not the jumpboard, but the.. footbar, don’t take your eye off the bar! Articulate through ankles and feet while heating up your legs and core. Move on all sides hitting your posterior chain as well, and then try some unilateral arm work holding the dowel. We are no where near done, we’ll move back into some toning & tightening work for long lean sculpted legs and finish off targeting our abs.

Goals :     Tone, sculpt, and lean the whole body while heating up the body with some jumps. Work on concentration and mind-body connection as much as physical tone. Build better coordination and precision.

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