Training Reactivity & Agility


Once we have built into a client’s understanding, physical experience, and scope of practice the foundational stabilization of their body’s structure with proper alignment, including stabilizing one part in order to mobilize another, where do we go from here? One of the human body’s greatest strengths is in its adaptability in a moment in time. The studio is a very controlled environment, but our clients and we live in a world of variables.

What happens when we remove the controlled environment? Is our training in the controlled environment being efficiently translated to the uncontrolled environment. Where better to test and train this than in the studio, where we can also correct what might need correction?

This practical session is all about playing with instability to allow the body to create stability within, to adapt to sudden and unexpected change. You will mobilize different parts of the body in different directions at the same time, simulating functional movement in daily activities. You will play with proprioception, your muscles own innate intelligence, your balance and vestibular system, and learn to be more like a bendable palm tree than a rigid oak which breaks in the wind.

Remember, balance unpracticed is balance lost. This will not only prevent injuries and falls, but your client will also be more agile in daily life. It’s in imperfect movement (or instability) and counter pulls that the body finds its center and grows stronger and more resistant, but also more flexible and nimble. Be ready to move, experiment, and try new things. This is all about the importance of incorporating functional, dynamic movement into our Apparatus and Mat repertoire and sequencing, and equipping our clients the best we can to live and move graciously in a variable world.

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