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Total Body Bounce Trampoline Class, Energy Boost!

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: All Levels

Focus : 

This trampoline class starts you off with core strength ab exercises for the first 15 minutes. You’ll raise your heart rate before you even start jumping with plank jacks. On to our bounces for a total body toning and lifting workout. Our style of jumping is after Cardiolates today, we will stay in a fat burning heart rate zone and reap the benefits of cellular cleansing and strengthening. You’ll finish feeling refreshed and energized with an extra spring in your step.

The trampoline is a fabulously full body, cardio workout, cell strengthening and cleansing, fat-burning, stamina increasing, and energy boosting. It increases circulation and is generally invigorating.

*Equipment Needed : 

Trampoline. Your Mat is optional should you want it, but you don’t really need it. A tennis ball or small massage ball to roll out the bottoms of your feet before we begin class.

(Consider investing in a high quality trampoline mat which absorbs more than 80% of the shock. If you follow the link here you’ll find our trampoline made by Bellicon. It absorbs 95% of the shock. If this company and model interest you we recommend getting the strongest bungees).

The Course of this Class :

As stated above, we will start by rolling out the soles of our feet in order to wake up and hydrate our fascia before jumping. This may seem unnecessary but it is very effective and sets the stage, so to speak, for efficient jumping! This is followed by about 15 minutes of ab exercises on the trampoline mat. I have come to absolutely love doing our core work on the trampoline mat. The little give it has provides a soft base for the spine but also an extra challenge with the instability and movement. After plank jacks we’ll pick up to our feet and commence our rebounding. Today we’ll stay upright respecting best alignment and reaping the benefits of that cellular strengthening and cleansing through the entire body. Cardiolates includes fundamentally different foot steps and coordinated moves, so we’ll have fun with that today.

Today’s trampoline class can be easily done as a stand alone workout or combined with a strength workout beforehand.

Turn on your favorite playlist today to bounce to, it’s always most fun with music! 🎶

Let me know how you enjoyed trampoline class below in comments! 👇🏼

Class Level : 

ALL levels.

Goals : 

Burn fat, lift and tone full body, increase cardiovascular stamina. Improve overall muscle tone. Increase circulation. Strengthen cell walls and aid lymphatic drainage.

Strength workouts to try before rebounding :

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